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Holzschneider für immer, weil ich schneide Bäume gern !

Forester for ever, because I like to cut trees. It rocks!!!
I had to cut a quite big oak tree on this week end of february 2008.

It was located on a plot of greenery belonging to my mother.
It is the only tree remaining after a 'shaving campaign' two years before.
The other trees have already been cut and removed.
It appears quite small on the photo but was quite big and a oak tree is never easy to cut.

This is my weapon, I am not here for fun,
I am ready to bite,
just look at my pretty nose that seems to be a bit irritated :-)

How to cut a tree?

You start to a cut a big deep 'V' (horizontal).
On the side where the tree is leaning.
To create a weakness, to make the tree fall on a direction guided by this weakness.
Why a V ?
To avoid to trap or box the saw in the bole, trapped by the weight of the tree.
If the tree is not leaning, you calculate the best side to start the V, depending on the wind (pushing the tree), the age of the captain (me, and my skills to run away as soon as the tree starts to fall), or if there is a house or a wall or a road not far (to avoid, a tree is heavy and can damage) ....
Yeah, it rocks !!! (I have fun on this photo).

When the V is finished, I attack from the opposite side.
A frank and straight cut and the tree falls ... I always win :-)
Me standing on the tree. On saturday 11:00. A great satisfaction, but there is still a lot to do ...

The tree on sunday 15:00.
There are no more branches remaining after the pruning.
The hardiest part remains : the bole ( 5 or 6 m long, diameter 80 cm ) has to be cut up in pieces of 1 meter.
And these big slices have to be hand split to be carried and stored.

A good sport, my abdomen muscles are still thanking me :-)